New Prospect Church Membership List

Mayberry Township, IL

New Prospect Church 1952

New Prospect Church 1952
Flora Mayberry's Photo Album

Members 1880 - 1958

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The order pertains to the sequence the names were entered in a ledger. It doesn't correspond to the order joined.


John Beard, J. H. Murry, R. B. Tudor, John Elliot, David Manley, Peter Prince, J. B. Tittle, J. C. Elliot, W. E. Pickard, Jacob Barnett, M. C. Brown, W. A. Weigant, Fulton Hedges, A. Musgraves, G. E. Hamilton, Marion Russel, R. F. Daily, C. J. Hamilton, W. A. Abbit, T. B. Hunt, J. C. Elliot, Hulbert Perry, Louis Martin, S. E. Hamilton, Harve Page, J. W. Grant, Edd Keiger, P. D. Tittle, Ola Allen, G. E. Walden, Raymont Easten, Earl Finney, Otto Catlin, Alvia Daily, Harry Hancock, P. D. Tittle, Lloyd Trotter, E. W. Cooper, Frank Birkhead, H. B. Stoltz, C. Ernest Essary, Alan Monroe