Shiloh United Methodist Church

Mayberry Township, IL

Shiloh Church 2017

Shiloh Church 2017
David Cantrell

Year Event
1869 Shiloh United Methodist Church was organized in southeast Mayberry Township. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morris sold property for the first building.
1940 Church and original records destroyed by fire.
1941 The structure was rebuilt with labor donated by carpenter L. S. Doerner.
Church Associations Broughton, Beulah Heights of Eldorado, McLeansboro, Omaha
First Trustees T. E. Bolerjack, J. H. Clark, David H. Draper, William Gossett, D. P. Gott, James A. Morris, S. T. Morris, Henry Wakeford
Trustees in 1941 G. H. Harper, Festus Millspaugh, O. A. Tarrant, E. J. Weaver, Clarence Wilson
Pastors C. M. Prince (1941), Vernon Brown (1971)
Hamilton County Sesquicentennial 1821 - 1971