Mayberry School

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Photo from Flora Mayberry's album

The men and women entrusted with educating rural children had many obstacles to overcome. Heat was provided by coal stoves. Wells required periodic cleaning and water had to be hauled in many instances. They worked for long periods of time without compensation. When money was available, payment was provided with interest. With the help of the community, a safe place for learning was provided.

Several of the teachers taught in more than one location.  The teacher summaries were shared by the Gholson Brother's website.  The treasurer reports for some school districts were analyzed and the teacher names and dates summarized here.

One-Room School Teacher List 1896 - 1919

1896Big HillSerenus Sigler
1896CherokeeFrank Lasater
1896MayberryRobert Gunter
1896WaltersCora Webb
1897Big HillC W Johnson, Thos E Cook
1897CherokeeW H Martin, Frank Lasater, W H Martin, Alvin Miller
1897HarrawoodGrace Memorrow
1897JenningsA L Gott, Thomas E Cook
1897MayberryRobert Gunter, C W Johnson, William Rohder
1897PigridgeEd M Lasater
1897WaltersEdward E Gott
1898Big HillThos E Cook, T O Elliott, H M Adams
1898CherokeeAlvin Miller
1898HarrawoodC N Holland
1898JenningsJohn F Bough
1898MayberryWilliam Rohder, J W Philips
1898PigridgeEd M Lasater
1898WaltersMarshall Campbell
1899Big HillJ H Miller, H M Adams
1899CherokeeAlvin Miller
1899HarrawoodC N Holland
1899JenningsK R Green, Ed M Lasater
1899MayberryJ W Philips, Frank Lasater
1899PigridgeJesse Hardesty, J H Miller, M Shoeman, Webb, Lane, K R Green
1899WaltersE C Sigler, W G Cook
1900Big HillH M Adams, W W Daily
1900CherokeeAlvin Miller
1900HarrawoodJohn Kelly, C W Allen
1900JenningsEd M Lasater, Arthur Hardesty
1900MayberryArthur Hardesty, Frank Lasater, A E Young
1900PigridgeK R Green, E C Sigler
1900WaltersW G Cook
1901Big HillW W Daily
1901CherokeeAlvin Miller, Julius Greenlee
1901HarrawoodMarshall Allen
1901JenningsArthur Hardesty, R C Cook
1901MayberryA E Young, A S Crouse
1901PigridgeE C Sigler
1901WaltersW D Bagby, Houston McKinzie
1902Big HillFrancis Blake, R C Cook
1902CherokeeAlvin Miller, Julius Greenlee
1902HarrawoodAlvin Miller, Julius Greenlee, Alvin Miller
1902JenningsR C Cook
1902MayberryAndy Crouse, Arthur Hardesty
1902PigridgeArthur Hardesty
1902WaltersHuston Mckinzie
1903Big HillR C Cook
1903CherokeeArthur Gholson, Phillip Vineyard
1903HarrawoodJulius Greenlee, Phillip Vineyard
1903JenningsAndy Crouse, Charles Harlow
1903MayberryC G Stewart, Andy Crouse
1903PigridgeClaude Lasater, Walter Upston
1903WaltersCharles A Harlow, Louella Wooldrige
1904Big HillR C Cook, A S Crouse
1904CherokeeArthur Gholson, Wheeler Irvin, W W Daily
1904HarrawoodPhillip Vineyard, C N Holland, H M Adams
1904JenningsCharles Harlow, Luther Bogan
1904MayberryAndy Crouse, Vesta Robinson, Rella Sloan
1904PigridgeW M Upton, Ed M Lasater
1904WaltersIsaac Boyer, Arthur Nation, Louella Woolridge, Arthur Nations
1905Big HillA S Crouse
1905CherokeeAna L Hall, Wheeler Irvin
1905HarrawoodH M Adams, Houston McKenzie, J L Mezo
1905JenningsArthur Hardesty, C A Harlow
1905MayberryEdwin Allen
1905PigridgeEd M Lasater
1905WaltersCharles Harlow
1906Big HillHouston McKenzie, Joe S Pennington, Allen Lasater, R C Cook
1906CherokeeGracie Harper, Calla Hughes
1906HarrawoodG E Johnson, Calla Hughes, G C Campbell
1906JenningsC A Harlow, Ethel Varney
1906MayberryEd M Lasater
1906WaltersJas G Walters
1907Big HillR C Cook, Marion Hughes, R C Cook
1907CherokeeCalla Hughes, Minnie Black
1907HarrawoodG C Campbell, Betty Hood
1907JenningsEthel Varney, Arthur Allen, Andy S Crouse
1907MayberryEd M Lasater, Allen Lasater
1907PigridgeFred Mead, Ellis Hardesty
1907WaltersJas G Walters
1908Big HillFred Meade
1908CherokeeMinnie Black, J A McKinzie
1908HarrawoodBetty Hood, Allen Lasater, G C Campbell
1908JenningsAndy Crouse, Allen Lasater
1908MayberryEd M Lasater, Andy Crouse
1908PigridgeEllis Hardesty
1908WaltersAnson McKinzie, E E Storm
1909Big HillJohn T Crouse
1909CherokeeJ A McKenzie
1909HarrawoodG C Campbell, S M Malone
1909JenningsAllen Lasater, Ruth Porter
1909MayberryAndy Crouse, A S Snyder
1909PigridgeFrank Hardesty
1909WaltersE E Storm, Luther Bogan
1910Big HillRoey Edwards, Ruth Porter
1910CherokeeJohn Hardesty, Jesse McMurtry
1910HarrawoodS M Malone, S M Malone
1910JenningsAndy Crouse, Ed M Lasater
1910MayberryT A Snyder
1910PigridgeE C Hughes
1910WaltersW H Smith
1911Big HillRuth Porter, Roey Edwards
1911CherokeeJesse McMurtry, Clyde Austin
1911HarrawoodClarence Thompson, Wilford Huggins, Willford Huggins
1911JenningsEd M Lasater, John T Crouse
1911MayberryC G Stewart, John Hardesty, A S Snyder, John Hardesty
1911PigridgeEdward McKenzie
1911WaltersW H Smith, John Dolan
1912Big HillRoey Edwards, Thurman Gibson
1912CherokeeClyde Austin
1912HarrawoodWilford Huggins, Clyde Austin, Arther Allen
1912JenningsJohn T Crouse, Jessie Mcmurtry
1912MayberryJohn Hardesty, Ed M Lasater
1912PigridgeJames Bollerjack, J W Turrentine
1912Walters Repairs to school
1913Big HillThurman Gibson, Ed McKenzie
1913CherokeeClyde Austin, J T Crouse, Pola Huffstutler
1913HarrawoodArthur Allen, J F Morris
1913JenningsJessie Mcmurtry, Wakeford W Thomas
1913MayberryEd M Lasater, W D Crawford
1913PigridgeJ W Turrentine, Herman Daily
1913WaltersJohn Dolan, W D Crawford
1914Big HillEd McKenzie, John Grable
1914CherokeePola Huffstutler, G C Campbell
1914HarrawoodJ F Morris
1914JenningsWakeford W Thomas
1914MayberryC M Thompson, Alvin Williams
1914PigridgeHerman Daily, Anna Davis
1914WaltersW D Crawford, W H Smith
1915Big HillJohn Grable, Earl D Mathis
1915CherokeeG C Campbell, Robert R Johnson
1915HarrawoodJ C Campbell
1915JenningsWakeford W Thomas, G C Campbell
1915MayberryAlvin Williams, Ed M Lasater
1915PigridgeAnna Davis, Everett Lambert
1915WaltersW H Smith
1916Big HillEarl D Mathis
1916CherokeeRobert R Johnson
1916HarrawoodWalter Denny
1916JenningsG C Campbell, Roey Edwards
1916MayberryEd M Lasater, A L Moore
1916PigridgeEverett Lambert, Ed McKenzie
1916WaltersEllison Healy, Mary Benham
1917Big HillWm Carlisle
1917CherokeeRobert Johnson, Mamie Cook
1917HarrawoodWalter Denny, James M Tyler
1917JenningsRoey Edwards
1917MayberryA L Moore, Al Mayberry, A L More, C M Thompson
1917PigridgeEd McKenzie, Hettie Ingram, Ed McKenzie, Chester Mayberry
1917WaltersMary Benham, Ed M Lasater
1918Big HillWm Carlisle, Gertie Richardson, Ed M Lasater
1918CherokeeMamie Cook, Viola Flanigan, Mamie Cook, Viola Flannigan, Robert R Johnson
1918HarrawoodWalter Denny, James M Tyler
1918JenningsFrank Johnson, N C Henderson
1918MayberryC M Thompson, Grace Harrawood, Edgar M Prince
1918PigridgeHettie Ingram, Nellie Sigler
1918WaltersWill Stephens
1919HarrawoodIris Richardson
1919JenningsN C Henderson