John T Myers Lock and Dam Construction Aerials

David Cantrell

The John T. Myers Locks and Dam is located on the Ohio River about 3.5 miles downstream from Uniontown, Kentucky. The project was authorized as replacement for existing Locks and Dam 48 and 49 on September 17, 1958, by Secretary of the Army under authority of Section 6 of the Rivers and Harbors Act approved March 3, 1909, as amended. Uniontown Locks’ construction started in June 1965. The locks were completed and placed in operation in December 1969. Dam construction started in May 1970, and was completed in 1977. My mom and I used to drive out to the overlook tower before the new lock and dam was built while waiting for my dad to get off work at B&W. It was one of my favorite places to visit.

John T Myers Locks and Dam