History of Mayberry Township, Illinois

Strolling Down Memory Lane in Mayberry Township

Strolling Down Memory Lane in Mayberry Township

David Cantrell

Ralph Harrelson's article reported the first land recorded in Hamilton County was John B. Stovall on February 13th, 1815 in southeast Mayberry Township, section 11, Township 7S, Range 7E.  The location was south of Big Hill and west of Gossett.

The area was first designated a precinct named after Frederick Mayberry, II, a revolutionary war soldier originally from Bedford County, Virginia.  His first land purchase was made in 1818.

The 1905 Mayberry Township map is available on the Gholson Brother's website.

History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin, and Williamson Counties, Illinois.
The Goodspeed Publishing, Co., 1887.

Harrelson, Ralph S., A New Geography of Illinois: Hamilton County. Benton, IL: Illinois Magazine XVII, No. 2 (February 1978): 13-40 pp.

1968 Illinois earthquake

By Mononomic [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1968 Earthquake

On November 9, 1968 at 11:01 CST, an earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale was centered in Mayberry Township at a depth of about 12 miles.  The event was felt from Nebraska to North Carolina and from Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico.  The location was at the extreme southern end of the Fairfield Basin and about 107 miles northeast of the 1811 New Madrid quake that was the largest in the continental United States.  An aftershock quake rated at 4 on the Richter scale was detected at St. Louis University approximately 1 hr and 45 minutes later.  My grandma reported watching the propane tank dancing in the yard while she held on to the doorway.

Notes on the Earthquake of November 9, 1966 in Southern Illinois.
Paul C. Heigold, Illinois State Geological Survey

Goshen Trail

Goshen Trail

Hamilton County Historical Society 1977

Army Navy Store Road

The Old State Road ran from Vandalia through McLeansboro and Mayberry Township to Shawneetown in 1821. When the addresses changed for the 911 emergency project, Country Road 4 from Thurber to Feakeyville was renamed Army Navy Store Road since the former Thompson's Army Navy Store had been located at the northern end.

Feakeyville Store from Edward Oliver

Hardesty Store Closed in 1942

Courtesy of Edward Oliver


Feakeyville was located at intersection of present day Army Navy Store and Norris City Roads in Mayberry Township.

Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois by Glenn J. Sneed

Hamilton County Sesquicentennial 1821 - 1971

Gholson Cemetery

Mayberry Township Cemeteries

There are 11 cemeteries in Mayberry Township. A burial list is available along with cemetery locations and veteran grave maps.

Shiloh Church 2017

Mayberry Township Churches

Several churches were built in Mayberry Township. Four buildings remain with two having regular services.

Ruhrfisch Oil Derrick

Ruhrfisch GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

Illinois Deepest Well

The deepest oil well in Illinois was drilled in Mayberry Township by Texaco, Inc.  Known as the Cuppy No. 1, the drilling was completed on December 14, 1965 to a depth of 13,501 feet.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Oil and Gas Resources Map