Santa Fe 2319 - Alco HH 1000

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Thompson's Army Navy Surplus Store owned by Gene and Madge purchased the Santa Fe #2319 engine housing from Precision in Mt. Vernon, IL.   Grandpa Mayberry's plan was to attach it to the back door of his home as an extended storage area. When the delivery arrived, the electric company disconnected the power lines from the house because of the height. The truck bed rose into the air but the cargo didn't budge. The men started discussing what could be done and someone asked about a crane. Suddenly the engine started inching down the incline as people scattered around the yard. Mr. Thompson jumped back in the truck and mashed the gas pedal. The metal shell slid down the bed as the truck drove away, landing with a thud in Mayberry Township.

The train became a storage building but was never connected to the house.  Grandpa had also hoped to install an air horn, lights, and a battery so that it would surprise visitors that entered the driveway.  I thought it was a pretty cool idea and added that we needed a switch in the house to activate it too. Over thirty years of hard labor on the railroad had taken a toll on his body. His retirement ended much sooner than we had hoped but the Santa Fe #2319 is a reminder of him and his railroad service.

The engine has been the topic of many a conversation and a photo prop from many visitors over the years.  Birds, small animals, and even reptiles have been found taking shelter under its high hood. The copperhead snakes had to be removed but most other tenants are welcome.

Santa Fe Alco HH 1000 History

Santa Fe Logo

34 Alco HH (high hood) 1000 engines were built from 1939 to 1940.  The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway purchased 12 and numbered them 2310 - 2321.

The Alco HH series were yard switchers used to arrange cars within a railroad yard.   According to Keith at, the HH 1000's purchased by the Santa Fe railroad worked in the Los Angeles area at Hobart and First Street Yard.

Mayberry Township Santa Fe #2319
Alco HH 1000 in 1973

David Cantrell

Mayberry Township Santa Fe #2319, Alco HH 1000 in 2012

David Cantrell

ATSF 2319 (69159 6-39) 6-71

ATSF 2319
serial number 69159 6-39 to 6-71
Mount Vernon, IL

Santa Fe 2319 (Alco HH-1000) heading into
8th St. Coach Yard, Los Angeles, CA 1969

Bob Davis

Santa Fe 2319 (Alco HH-1000)

Santa Fe 2319 Illustration

Courtesy of Jean-Denis Bachand

Santa Fe 2310
Los Angeles, CA roundhouse late 1960s

Dan Elwood

Santa Fe 2310 and
Alco S-2's 2368 2389 2374
Los Angeles, CA 8/14/68, by George Berisso

Rich Taylor

Santa Fe 2313 and 2318
Redondo Junction, CA roundhouse late 1950s-early 1960

Dan Elwood

Santa Fe #2316 in 2017
A surprise discovery in Southern Illinois

David Cantrell

ATSF 2316 4

ATSF 2316 3

ATSF 2316 6-71

Santa Fe 2317 at Los Angeles

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Yard Limit ALCO Information

Specifications for Santa Fe #2319
road number: 2319:1 
model: HH1000
power:  1,000 hpx118
weight:  227,900 lbsx118
tractive effort:  82,107 lbsx118
engine:  Alco 6 cyl 538Tx118
fuel capacity: 
gear ratio:  68:15 x118
generator:  GE 542x118
traction motors:  GE 726x118
builder:  Alco11,x118
date:  Jun397,x118
serial no.:  691597,x118
frame no.: 
order no.:  S180911
numbered:   2319:1 :
  paint:  BST
    • horns:  Wabco A2 or A615
    • antenna: 
    • herald:  square-circle-cross on sides
    • logo:  "A. T. & S. F." below stripe on sides
  repainted:   2319:1   date :
    • paint:  BOZ16p
    • herald:  square-circle-cross below
        logo on hood sides16p
    • logo:  "A. T. & S. F." below stripe on
        hood sides16p
retired:  30Mar71x118,
sold:  locomotive to Precision National Corp Jun 1971
sold:  engine housing to Thompson's Army Navy Store 1972
sold:  engine housing to Wilson Mayberry 1972
  1 Joe McMillan, Santa Fe's Diesel Fleet, 1975.
  7 Tom Chandler, ATSF roster information
11 David Dallner, ATSF roster information, private correspondence.
15 Ron Chamberlain and Paul Brown, "Horns Used by the Santa Fe."
16 John Thompson, private correspondence.
x118 "Extra 2200 South," issue 118, 1 September 1999.
Alco -- American Locomotive Company
ATSF -- Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway

 BOZ  -- black with orange zebra-stripe paint on and around ends (cab and nose), side sills, and skirting

 BST  -- black with silver trim paint

 BSZ  -- black with silver zebra-stripes

 BYT2  -- blue with yellow ends and yellow trim paint

lupd -- laid up pending disposition
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